Model: Simultaneous Happening

How can we sense the movement of the ground? Do we observe how animals and plants migrate? Or do we look into the words describing the interactive experiences between humans and earth? Or do we only realize the movement when an earthquake takes place? Perhaps all of the above are all ways to connect with the soil we live on in a state that bordering both security and insecurity as well as stability and instability. In her artwork, she tries to portray the perspectives mentioned above with the concept of modeling. Via the intricate links, the artist hopes to examine the relationship between humans and earth movement with the signs presented by nature before the real action/earthquake arises. From there, we can meditate on the possibilities of co-existing with nature.


Graduated from Institute of Plastic Arts at Tainan National University of the Arts, Ms. Wang You-Ting has been intrigued by the various possibilities of observing this modern society. To break away from existing boundaries, she explores topics of relationships, feelings, time and space with an experimental spirit. The formats of her artworks are mainly in digital images and 3D. However, she started to apply bodies as a medium – to respond to the ancient energy preserved in earth with the body memories of earth collected naturally over the time. The aim is to investigate the possibility of how land shapes the space.

Multi-channel video, 2023