Reverberations at Altitude 2000

The artist came upon a handful of specimens from the Japanese occupation period. These specimens are stored away in Tainan University in a tiny lab away from the public and seldom used for teaching The artist chooses a woodpecker from amongst the specimens and invited a pet psychic so he could hear its voice and have a conversation.

Through the descriptions of the pet psychic, the artist searched and found its former habitat. He set up his woodpecker apparatus so the pecking of the bird can reverberate through the woods again, commemorating the life that was there.


Tsai, Pou-Ching

Tsai, Pou-Ching was born in Chiayi in 1986, who now lives and works in Tainan. He has been loving animals since he was a child, and his recent works mainly focus on the relationships between humans and animals, with concern for how to deliberate about and create human-animal bonds distinct from the existing ones, for the human-animal relationships have become more intricate as human beings have developed more sophisticated ways of living.

Video, Sound installation , 2023.
* Works provided by Yiri Art Project
* Photos are provided by Chiayi Art Museum and Kaohsiung Art Museum