Revisiting Taitung Art Museum with your Ears

With the concepts of socially engaged art and new genre public art, this project looks into the possibility of empathy activated by sounds and voices. This sound project is based on the recorded interview done by the students from Bausun Junior High School.They interviewed people working in TAM park and provided them a channel to voice their feelings usually kept deep down inside.

During the festival period, visitors can download App Chito to listen and learn about thouse in-depth stories. With the “revisit”action,we might be able to re-connect with the strangers who we’ve constantly encountered in our daily life.


Prototype Paradise

PPrototype Paradise is a collective of theatre and performance practitioners based in Taiwan. Most of PP’s productions have been made in public places with non-art people as either performers or creative collaborators. With innovative intervention in every-day life, PP enables its audience to see the world differently.

Yoyo Kung is Founder and Director of Prototype Paradise. She initiates and conceives socially engaged projects, encouraging theatre makers to explore dialogues with people from all walks of life.

Corinne Hsiao is a long-term collaborator of Prototype Paradise.Founder of Think Feel Move. Focusing on environmental issues,human rights, and education. Works often involve co-creation with the public participants. ARTIST

High school students: Fang,Sih-Wun、Wang,Jhao-Sing、Syu,Jhih-Ci、Chiu,Wen-Yu、Ciou,An-Syuan、Li,Cheng-Zhe、Lin,Shih-Wei、Chou,Yi-Ting、Lin,Li-Siang、Jhou,Yi-Syuan、Fan,Shih-Kai、Liang,Ci-Jia、Jhang,Jin-Lun、Jhang,Cih-En、Jhang,An-Li、Chen,Yan-Han 、Chen,Yu-Nuo、Chen,You-Chen、Sie,Yu-Ting、Jheng,Nian-Hong、Su,Siao-Yan
High school teachers: Yang,Huei-Ru、Jhang,Ling-Yu
People working in TAM park: Syu,Meng-Jhao-Ping、Mei,Shu-Huei、Tsai,Tsai-Yun
W.G. Café |Lin, Ta-Yi
Alanger Coffee Shop | Chang, Huang-Tien
Main visual design:Sylvia C. Y. Yang
Stage prop design:Wan-Yu Lo

Socially engaged art, CHITO APP, 2023