Mariana Savchenko

    Mariana Savchenko was born in Ukraine. She is also a sinologist, music producer, singer, sound artist and performance artist. She works on themes of migration and diaspora, identity crises in a globalized world, hybrid cultures, post-communism and societies in transition.She received classical music and bel canto training from a young age, and later expanded to perform and compose jazz, world music, musical theater, Christian music, free improvisation, experimental music, electronic music and electroacoustic music, etc.

    For me, every work is a study, an attempt every time to sort out a clump of thoughts and emotions, even though all of them may still make no sense.

    Since 2016, Savchenko regularly composes music for theater and dance performances. She is inspired by ambient sounds and musique concrete techniques, often mixing field recordings with synthesizers and vocals and creating site-specific sound installations. Since 2019, she has been engaged in performance art.Since May 2022, Savchenko has settled in Taiwan and is studying for a doctorate, studying the endangered Hunan province female writing and singing culture in rural areas.

    Performance Time: 07/20 (Saturday) 19:00-19:50