Samingad Puruburubuane

    Samingad Puruburubuane (紀曉君), from the South King Tribe (Puyuma Puyuma Tribe) in Taitung, is a well-known aboriginal Peinan female singer in Taiwan.Her grandmother, Zeng Xiu Hua, is a representative of the Beinan song tradition. She taught Ji Xiaojun how to sing traditional aboriginal songs, and was very particular about her pronunciation and vocal rhythms, which laid the foundation for her singing. In 2000, her debut album, “Sun, Wind, and Prairie Sounds,” won the Best New Artist Award at the Golden Melody Awards.

    Puyuma’s music family is a gold-encrusted tribe of golden songs. Chen Jiannian, the golden song king who will appear on the Moonlight Sea Stage on 9/2, is her uncle, and her sister Jiajia once formed a group with her cousin Hao En, together with the Nan Wang Sisters and Chen Yonglong, have won more than 10 golden song awards together.

    This singer, who once injected a new voice into Taiwan’s pop music with the Peinan language, also set the stage for the aboriginal language to enter the mainstream music market, based on her strong vocal performance, the musicality of the songs, and the tribal culture in which she was nurtured.

    Performance Time: 07/20 (Saturday) 20:00-20:50