As a sound artist, film score composer, theater composer, and singer-songwriter, Wang’s current works encompass various disciplines, including music, film, theater, and performance. Her recent focuses are among the “experimental poetic” extended from experimental sound and literature; the “multi-dimensional audio-visual” space expanded through dialogic images; the “polyphonic relationship” between music, sound, history and humanities, as well as the “resonant soundscapes” that collects the fusion of environment and vocal sounds.

Music works:
Published works include the EP “Concave,” conceptual album “The tracks on the Beach,” Yujun Wang & TIMEs “Abandoned Garden,” Yujun Wang & TIMEs’ album “The Initial Longing,” and the same name album for the exhibition “The Everlasting Bloom” at the Museum of National Taipei University of Education, etc. The song “Wait to be Yourself” from “The tracks on the Beach” won the Best Folk Single Award at the 3rd Golden Indie Music Awards. Founded the band Yujun Wang & TIMEs, and received the Best Folk Album Awards at the 5th Golden Indie Music Awards for “Abandoned Garden” and at the 10th Golden Indie Music Awards for “The Initial Longing.”

Film Scoring Works:
The VR film “The Man Who Couldn’t Leave” won the Best Experience Award at Venice Immersive event at the 79th Venice International Film Festival; “All That Remains” won the Best Immersive Experience Award at the 13th Luxembourg City Film Festival; the documentary “The Pursuit of a Cinematic Dream: Tsai Ming-Liang” won the Bronze Award in the Documentary category at the 2023 New York Festivals TV Film Awards; “Over the Rainbow” was nominated for the 2023 Tribeca Festival; the documentary “Kam Loo Tsui” was selected for the 2022 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam; the film “Wild Sparrow” was nominated for Best Music Award at the 2019 Taipei Film Awards; the film “Visitors” was nominated for the Best Sound Design Award at the 56th Golden Bell Awards; and the film “Get Married” was nominated for the Best Sound Effects Award at the 47th Golden Bell Awards.

if you HEAR it before me at Chishang Art Center 2024 ,The Man Who Couldn’t Leave at Museum of National Taipei University of Education, 2023; Listening to the Overtones of Fissures at Green Island Human Rights Art Festival, 2023; Sub-existence at Tao Art Space, 2021.