Chia-Chun Xu x Si Pehbowen

    Chia-Chun Xu

    Chia-Chun Xu is an experimental musician , organiser and independent label manager. Xu began performing and creating Harsh Noise under the name ‘Berserk’ in 2015. Renowned for deafening volumes and a stylistic approach imbued with violent aesthetics during live performances, Xu swiftly garnered recognition. In 2016, Kandala Records released a vinyl split album featuring Berserk alongside Japanoise legend Merzbow. Subsequently, the solo recordings were released by WV Sorcerer Productions in limited cassette. Noteworthy tours took him to the UK, Japan, and Malaysia before the project was temporarily suspended in 2020.

    Presently, Xu is as a solo performer and creator, practicing the use of No-input Mixing Board and developed a distinctive style in this technique, and dedicating his efforts to conducting workshops and nurturing the experimental music scene. He runs avant-garde music label ‘Karma Detonation Tapes’, which serves as a platform for the regular release of noise and experimental music, promoting Taiwanese and global underground music.

    Si Pehbowen

    Si Pehbowen is an amateur dancer who started from Orchid Island. In 2016, she made her way from aboriginal music and dance troupe to contemporary dance theater. In 2018, she embarked on the path of exploring performing arts alone and exploring the languageless world through video recording and editing. Then explore people’s perception of art from the perspective of dance. In 2019, she began to explore fieldwork and creation through an art-based research project, trying to find the original appearance of an individual’s body, mind, and soul through constant movement in creation and life under the diverse wrapper of aboriginal identity.

    Performance Time: 07/19 (Friday) 18:00-18:50