Yannick Dauby

Born in France in 1974.
Permanent resident in Taiwan since 2007.

Field Recording – Working extensively outdoor with microphones since 1998. All his work is rooted in subjective listening experience, from industrial areas to mountain ecosystems,underwater environment or urban context.

Sound Design – With background in musique concrète, using foley, sampling and analogue synthesis techniques, he creates soundtracks for contemporary dance, public art and films. Alsoworks as mixing engineer for documentaries and fiction films. His self-taught andexperimentalist approach makes his sound work singular and regularly nominated and awarded in cinéma festivals.

Sound Art – His personal or collaborative projects, influenced by ethnography, ethology and science-fiction, sometimes involving text, film photography and cinematography, are most often dealing with dialogue between local communities (such as indigenous and hakka villages in Taiwan) and their living habitats. The artworks can take form as publications (audio format and/or books), sound installations and audio-visual documentaries.

Current on-going projects :
  1. “Harke ! Mythago process in Taitung”, about forests sounds, analogue images, fiction stories and multi-species perspective for Taitung Sound Art Festival in 2025.
  2. “Alang Skadang”, an on-going documentary project amongst Truku people in Hualien. https://alangskadang.tumblr.com
  3. “Penghu Experimental Sound Studio” a long-term exploration of the marine environment of Penghu archipelago, including acoustic survey of its coral reefs. https://penghusound.tumblr.com
  4. A series of creations about the forest mountains of the North of Taiwan, between Hsinchu and Yilan counties : “Fushan & Taipingshan 福山 太平山” (book+CD), “山林” (audio documentary), “The Kara Shrine 加羅神社” (micro-documentary).
  5. “SIFU Alien Radio” a public art webradio related to two areas in Taipei city, Fujiali and Siwenli. https://linktr.ee/sifu.alien.radio